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Top Ways to Save on Home Improvement

Change is simply inevitable. As the family gets bigger, the children grows up, and the difference in lifestyles is felt; among the first things that is done to accommodate these adjustments is a change in the home. But with the challenging New York housing market, upgrading through home improvement proves to be a more ideal option than selling and moving into a new house. And to make the changes more financially beneficial, here are tops ways to save on home improvement whether you are in Long Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, or Queens.

Work within the Existing Blueprint

Envisioning your ‘perfect’ kitchen or bathroom can be totally exciting. Major changes however can be bank breaking. To avoid the hefty costs it is important to smartly choose which changes can be done to answer to the family’s needs without having to move primary features such as sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. If you are working with basement remodeling, instead of removing and relocating support columns, pipes, and other unsightly structural elements, you can work these into the design by using creativity. Not going through these major tasks in your home improvement saves you a big chunk on the remodeling project.

Reuse or Resell

If the fixtures and other features in your home improvement project are still in good working condition, consider reusing to save on the money you need to spend buying new things as well as demolition and disposal. Refinishing is a great way to create changes and make fixtures and furnishings as good as new. Some of the jobs you can include in your project are refinish hardware, repaint cabinets, refinish hardwood floors, etc. But if you really decide for new items, then sell your used fixtures and furnishings online or at a yard sale. The profits can add to your budget.

Buy Smart

There are many options that you can consider to get you the best value for your home improvement money such as:

  • RTA Cabinets – you can use ready-to-assemble cabinets for kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling. Without having to pay for labor costs, this will considerably cutback on expenses.
  • Bid on Materials – you can buy items at very cheap prices at auctions. One place to find such great buys is at the US Treasury auctions. You can also try searching for online auctions or local yard sales.
  • Buy Salvaged – salvaged materials such as hardwood, glass, marble or granite slabs, and other old fixtures and furnishings are great buys. This green way of doing home improvement is an amazing way to trim down on expenses. Some places to find such deals include recycling centers, architectural salvage yards, online classifieds and specialty boutiques offering vintage furnishings.

Know When and When Not to DIY

There are home improvement works that can easily be done by you and there are areas that are best left for professional contractors to efficiently do. Knowing when and when not to DIY is crucial as this decision can save you from the risks, hassles and costs of doing things wrong. Specially if the project involves any updates or changes in plumbing, electricity or other complex areas; it is best to hire a qualified contractor and get the best value for your budget.

Latest Trends in Interior Home Painting

Are you fed up with the old color variations? Have you lost your cool on seeing time-woven color combination? Do you require a new band of colors which enthuse you? Can you motivate your sagging spirits by activating new color preferences? The following three fresh imaginations of color concepts will fin a lasting solution to your disturbed mindset.

Purple is a color which catches the attention of many color fans but, strong patches will be irritating. So, follow the tips given below. You can try soft heather purple saturated with creamy off-whites. These colors have a soothing tendency. They give a pleasant feeling to live with. When they are coated on light wood, it prompts a perfect country look. You can use your curtain fabric as a starting point for your color connections.

Select a floral print cloth with purple blooms and then co-relate this format with your wall paint. Go in for waxed oak furniture pieces and a much-used leather easy chair to get a feel of timelessness. Place a sofa with cozy, comfortable cushions where you can sink deep into the cool curvatures. Bring purple accessories into the room and use wool and cashmere cushions to present an aristocratic ambiance.

Coral in its fiery mound embellished by slate Grey and arctic white – this combination is the most modern venture into the foray of interior decoration. Grey is a color which is soft and soothing in its basic nature. A living room to present a relaxed feel has to be decorated with Grey color accessories. Most interior decorators prefer this Grey format to other worn-out combination. It can sync with bright coral and flourishes of white. You can furnish your furniture, carpet and some other comfort fixtures with layers of Grey tones.

Paint the walls with a shade of coral to make it a statement of beauty. See to it that the patterns and makes littered in the room are simple samples but, stylish shapes. You have to co-relate your cushions and curtains with coral on the walls. Your fabric choices should also be dominated by a touch of Grey, in order to present a look of sophistication. Other showroom pieces like wall-clocks and flower vases can also portray a tinge of Grey or white to make it stand out and elevate the style statement of your living room.

Duck-egg blue is a color of classic culture and layered with pink, it is creative and evocative nature responds to our thirst for beauty. Cool duck-egg blue and pretty rose pink presents a frothy admixture of style and elegance. Your living room with this color creation elevates the visitors to cloud nine. Maintain the freshness of this mix. You can paint the walls in this soft blue shade to prompt a soothing sentiment to the onlookers. Select flooring and upholstery in neutral colors and then add a pulsating paint of pink.

Give an Eastern feel to the atmosphere. Combine the mild color curtains and cushions with embroidered designs, dark wood furniture with presentable floors – the statement of elegance reaches its grand finale. Orchids and ornamental items add to the floating sensation of grandeur. Other accessories viz. picture frames and ceramic tiles can flourish a shade of rose accents.

Refer to interior design and interior design ideas for more beneficial materials. Go in for classic styles, contemporary styles, country styles, eclectic styles, modern styles. Choose different styles of the faculty of Art viz. Abstract Art, Classic Art, Naturalistic Art, Representational Art to express your aesthetic sensitivity and artistic sensibility. Now, create a color base with above coated combination to generate a fascination which you will love forever.

Remodel Your Bathroom From the Inside Out

If you’re having your bathroom remodeled, the interior finishes are the first element that you’re likely to focus on. However, there is also the underlying consideration of your hot water and heating to consider as well. If you are going to the trouble of tearing out your old fittings and structures to put in new ones, it makes sense to make sure that the hot water heater and the overall heating supply are the best they can be as, since those are two elements that will govern the comfort of the space in the long term.

In terms of creating a bathroom that is functional and pleasing to the eye, there are many elements of the remodeling process that need consideration. It is important, first and foremost, to employ a professional to do the job. Since there are pipes and electrical wiring involved in most projects, only qualified remodeling contractors should tackle them. These professionals will also have access to top quality products, often getting them directly through the manufacturer so they come to you at the lowest price possible.

You might have a bathroom layout that works for you, and you simply need to replace the practical elements, like the sink, vanity, shower or bath. Your contractor can work with you to find the right products at the right price make that happen. On the other hand, you may want an entirely new setup, in which case a custom-designed bathroom might be the way to go. Your bathroom contractor will be able to help you design and realize your ideal bathroom space, whether you want a custom in-bathroom sound system or specialty tile, fixtures or furnishings.

Knowing how you want your bathroom to look is only half the job. If you have a beautiful room but inadequate hot water or cold tile floors, you’ve essentially wasted your money making the space aesthetically pleasing but uncomfortable. One of the best investments you can make for your bathroom – and for your whole home – is to install a tankless water heater. The advantage of the tankless system is that it only heats the water that you use, yet supplies hot water at a moment’s notice for as long as you need it. You get the comfort and convenience of taking a hot bath or shower for as long as you want, and you save money and energy by heating only the water you need.

Another major element to consider as part of your overall bathroom remodeling is how the space is heated. By necessity, people are often barefoot in the bathroom, and there is nothing worse than stepping out of a warm shower onto an ice-cold floor. This issue is easily addressed, however, with radiant heat. Instead of heating a room via a radiator or vent, radiant floor heating employs a system of pipes under the floor itself to heat the space from the ground up using hot water. Ideal for bathrooms, this heating system puts the heat exactly where it will be the most useful and where it will create the most comfort.

Bathroom remodeling can feel daunting, but with the advice, labor and workmanship of professionals it can be an easy, painless process. Make sure you find a remodeling contractor who will help you choose the best products and design to suit your needs and your space, and also consider the impact of your water heater and heating system on the overall project. When you take the time to remodel from the inside out, you are sure to end up with a satisfying finished product.